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When One Brag Wagon Guide Just Isn’t Enough

What could possibly be better than the Brag Wagon except more Brag Wagon? This is a universal truth that goes without saying. And this is exactly why BeersNGears will be hiring more and more guides, for more and more Brag Wagon trips, for more and more Bike Trips to Brag About.

So stoked that BeersNGears will have none other than Mike Cobler guiding you through your Brag Wagon journey. When he’s not fixing someone’s bike, Mike has been known to look at 80’s skateboarding magazines, engage in vigorous debates on the the best tools for building trail, and is everyone’s favorite CycleTherapist. He has been involved in the local cycling scene since well before the invention of modern cycling equipment like derailleurs and square taper bottom brackets. All along the way adapting, growing.

Mike is a perfect fit because he’s outgoing, has a good sense of humor, is a good ride leader, and has the mechanic skills to keep the ride going. He will be a real asset to the Brag Wagon as a guide!

If you’re interested in riding with Mike, check out the upcoming Brag Wagon trip he will be guiding:

Other Brag Wagon trips:

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