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North of So Thankful!

If you’re just joining our regularly scheduled program, we recently screened a movie produced by Red Bull called North of Nightfall back in July and we all had a great time! There are so many thanks deserved, it leaves me without a good place to start. The venue was the best, the movie was incredible, but what really made it all worth it was being able to bring everybody together.

I guess, let me start by saying thank you to you. If you’re reading this, thank you. We appreciate everything you do for us! You are what keeps us “pedaling.” And without a doubt, a big thanks needs to go to the crew at aperture cinema for hosting us and Red Bull for wanting to work with us.

Above all else, we all owe Great Outdoor Provision Company our thanks for sponsoring the event. We owe the kind of thanks that means the next time we need some camping or outdoor gear, we stop by one of their stores to see what they carry before jumping on our Amazon app. They were pivotal in making this all happen!

From the very beginning, I thought this event had a good chance of being a success, but I had no idea that it would be as successful as it was. The day of the event, I barely ate, dragging from no sleep the night before, I surfed the anxiety right up until the moment people started to show up. I knew we presold about 20 tickets for an 80 seat theatre and I had deep hopes that we could fill it half way up. Wow was I wrong! It wasn’t until the one-by-one trickle of people turned into a line out the door that the thought of actually making our goal started to feel like a reality. It turns out, in reality, more than 70 people came to watch the movie with us! From those 70 people, we were able to raise over $900 to help fund our 5th annual HalloWheels festival happening October 31 – November 4(ish)- the most money raised to date.

So here I am again, with this feeling of North of So Thankful because I could’ve never have done this without the help of our entire, generous community of people who still haven’t outgrown their love of everything bikes. We’ve got so much coming up and I can’t wait to share it with everyone! Until then, keep the wheels spinning.

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