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This Alternative Transportation is Fueled by Beer

There are more ways than ever to power transportation–there’s the long-time-running world-standard of gasoline and diesel powered internal combustion engines; there’s the multi-millennia-tested but somewhat outdated use of animal power, and then there are things that technology has brought us like electric and even self-driving vehicles (whoa!). This new technology is sure to beat them all though! It’s empowered by beer!

Yes, you read that right–empowered, not powered. That’s because when I say “alternative transportation,” what I mean is you on your bike, and the part about “fueled by beer” really just means you will get a token for a free beer when you ride your bike to the 2018 Earth Day Fair this Saturday, April 21st.


ide your own route, or take advantage of one of the three “wheel” be leading. Either way, leave your lock at home because we are providing FREE bike valet parking while you’re at the fair!

Our sanctioned rides will all start at 9AM, and make one stop between 9:30 and 10AM for people who would like a shorter option. There is no planned ride back, however, we will have the Brag Wagon available to shuttle you back to the start if you need it (donations accepted). Here are the routes we have planned:


  1. Starts in Lewisville where CycleTherapy used to be

  2. 12.7 miles total one way

  3. Makes a stop at the Lowe’s food shopping center at the corner of Robinhood and Peace Haven


  1. Starts at the Zaxby’s on Peters Creek Pkwy

  2. 8.5 miles total one way

  3. Makes a stop at UNCSA


  1. Starts at the Linville Rd parking lot at Salem Lake

  2. 12.4 mile total one way

  3. Makes a stop at WSSU

So in honor of Earth Day get empowered by beer and ride to the fair. We hope to see everyone this Saturday.

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