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Red Bull Movie Night

Red Bull. A name so synonymous with action sports that you may even briefly forget that they are the makers of the popular energy drink available at your closest convenience or grocery store. With ventures like the Red Bull Rampage and even a Formula 1 team, it’s not a surprise any longer when you see their name on something. What is a surprise is when they ask lil’ol’ BeersNGears to be the partner for screening one of their films. To which we said yes.

The film is called North of Nightfall and when we were asked to screen it, we were so stoked that it made no difference at all that we didn’t have a clue how we were going to pull this off–we were going to make it happen. Luckily, for us, we live in a great community of people and businesses that all stepped up to not only help make it happen but made a way that we will be able to raise some money to help pay for our 5TH ANNUAL HalloWheels Bicycle Festival this fall.

The first hurdle to get over was where to screen it, but a/perture cinema made that super simple by renting out a theatre to us for a really reasonable cost, and they’re going to let us keep the money from the ticket sales to help pay for our festival.

The next and probably biggest hurdle to jump was how to pay for it all. After sending out a few emails, one landed at Great Outdoor Provision Company and they loved it; they were in! So when we’re all goofing around on bikes wearing silly (or not) costumes this fall, we can all thank GOPC for helping us pay for it!

The movie is about taking a group of pro big mountain riders to the ultimate downhill playground: deep in the arctic of Canada. It’s untouched by humans, daylight 24 hours a day, and is the ultimate (true Red Bull fashion) in taking an entire sport to the next level. It’s an amazing movie and we’ll have it playing for ONE NIGHT ONLY, on Wednesday, July 25th at 6 PM. Tickets can be purchased at the door or available here. We’ll also have a raffle we’ll announce at the showing.

Come out and watch a great movie, you’ll be supporting local businesses, your very own local bike festival, and you may just get pumped up about doing your own bike adventure. Make sure to sign up for emails or watch Facebook for updates and we hope to see everyone there!

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