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Mock Orange Team Develoment

Recently, I was approached by the Mock Orange Pro Cycling Team to provide mechanical support for their 2015-16 Cyclocross season. The work would include setting up the team tents in expo areas of each race along with getting the bikes ready for racing and being the team rider’s dedicated pit support. It would also mean travelling with the team almost every weekend in order to race the events on USA Cycling’s Professional Cyclocross Calendar. It seemed like a natural fit so I jumped in the van and headed to the first event in the series called Ellison Park Cyclocross Festival in Rochester, NY.

Mock Orange Pro Cycling Team presented by VP Components Tents at the KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival in Providence, RI.

After a few weeks with these guys and lots of windshield time conversation, I’m like, “why stop at mechanical support? Why don’t I help you out in other areas of team development?” So we started talking.

There are many similarities in professional cycling and nonprofit development.

When I started learning the ins and outs of team development I realized that it was a lot of the same things I already do at BeersNGears. So I got to work. This season, along with mechanical support, I will be providing high quality media for the team to use in their marketing as well as some PR work. I’m also looking forward to being able to help with expanding their web presence and increasing their followership in the future. Go cycling!

Make sure to follow BeersNGears on your favorite virtual socialization machine to see the progress of our hometown heroes!

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