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Spooky Scavenger Hunt 2015

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Day 2 – Oct. 30

Let’s face it, you’re never too old for a good scavenger hunt! And what better way to do one than on a bicycle?

Spooky Scavenger Hunt

We’ve got a great hunt planned with 2 different routes to choose from. Choose the easy option and you’ll get about an 8 mile ride with 4 stops. The more challenging option will take you to 6 stops for a total of at least 11 miles. The choice is yours!

Each stop will have a creepy story about Winston-Salem and a riddle. Write down the answer to a question about each story and use the riddle to find the location of your next stop. Navigate to your next stop to get a new story and a new riddle. The hunt will lead you back to the Hive where the best costume will get to start their trick-or-treating off right with a swag bag full of stuff from our prize sponsors worth $50!

Give your blood-caffeine level a boost at Twin City Hive and we will have your first riddle waiting for you at 7PM on Friday, October 30th. You will have 2 hours to finish the hunt in order to get the commemorative spoke card with artwork drawn by Dumptruck Junior and a raffle entry for the prize raffle on Saturday at the swap meet! Do all three rides and get double entries!

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