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Allow Me To Introduce: The One, The Only-est, Brag Wagon!

It’s been almost three days since I got back from an adventuro-meter destroying mountain bike camping trip to Southern Virginia with some of the most always-down-for-an-adventure guys I’ve ever met, and it is still just about the only thing I can think about. This was one of those trips that turns your ideas of what’s even possible inside out and redefines your spectrum for “epic.” At the capstone of the ride, there was nothing but an incredible view, a guy with a banjo, a plate of pretty edible hot dogs, and the feeling that you just conquered something bigger than you could’ve ever thought possible; it was overwhelming. Unforgettable would be selling this experience short and the realization that this place, this feeling, was just barely an hour and a half drive from Winston-Salem left me with a gnawing question: why are there not more mountain bikers here?  

While I know the trip I just got back from is not everyone’s cup-o-tea, the feeling of being your own hero should be, which is why BeersNGears is happy to introduce the Brag Wagon: Bike Trips to Brag About. Our goal is to make our regional trails and epic trips accessible to everyone. No matter what your cup-o-tea is, we want to make it happen.

To accomplish this, we bought a 15 passenger van and in the truest of BeersNGears fashion had it tagged as a limo. Yes, you can legally drink beers in the van while rolling down the road. We also built a custom rack for a trailer to hold a dozen bike trays and all of our gear. We’ve done some road tests and we’re ready for our inaugural trip.

For our first trip, we’ve chosen to go to Virginia to do the the New River Trail and if you’ve never been there, it’s amazing. It’s an old, abandoned railroad bed converted to trail and since it was originally designed for trains, it’s almost flat, end-to-end. There are gravel parts, paved parts, tunnels, beautiful bridges and incredible scenery. Get your ticket and more details by clicking on the event below, there’s only 9 spots available so you’ll want to reserve your spot sooner than later.

Joins us for another trip

If you can’t make this trip stay tuned for future trips or plan your own! The Brag Wagon is great for weekend or day trips, adventurous bachelor/ bachelorette parties, family vacations, or just exploring new trails with your riding buddies. It’s super easy, pretty affordable and fully customizable. Fill out our form to tell us what you have in mind and we’ll get in touch with you.

The BeersNGears Brag Wagon is all about helping people take bike trips worth bragging about.

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