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A wicked good time

Welp, another HalloWheels is in the books -- that makes #7!

While we weren't able to gather together for big rides this year, we saw lots of folks out riding during the 2020 HalloWheels Weekender October 30 - November 1. There were several families and small groups riding, following clues across town for the Spooky Scavenger Hunt. Some folks took the scenic route out to Westbend Winery and enjoyed wine, beer, music and the lovely fall weather... it was a great weekend for the Autumn Leaves Ride. Many ventured all around Winston-Salem to discover artwork, history, local foods, the greenway, and of course some beer! Several riders were actually able to achieve a complete bingo blackout, visiting all 24 locations on the Black Cat BINGO card. If that wasn't enough, we also saw some of the best costumes in all our years of doing this, making this HalloWheels all the more festive. Winners of the various challenges and costume contest have been notified via email. Congrats!

We're so pumped that y'all made time to participate in this year's HalloWheels events and we hope you had a lot of fun. It's been a strange year and it's good to know we can still get out and ride.

Let's keep it going! We recently relaunched the weekly Ride Like a Fish at Fiddlin Fish Brewery. It's every Monday at 6:30pm, we ride about 10 miles mostly on greenways and slow streets so we can spread out. There are a few new rules due to COVID so please check out our blog to get the full details.

Until next time, keep the rubber-side down. Happy riding!

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