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2013 Shimano XT Disc Brake Review

I read somewhere that it is a good time to buy televisions due to the level of technology slowing down. So I decided to go buy some bike parts. This is my story of the new Shimano XT disc brakes.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve used nearly every brake on the market. Most of my experience, like most people’s, is with Avid. I have to say, I’ve become accustomed to a certain level of performance with a certain level of compromise on noise. Until now.

I’m going to say, as of right now, these are my favorite brakes I’ve ever had. The overall power is as good or better than anything else I’ve used. The noise level is little to no noise, ever. And the modulation is easily superior than anything else I’ve used. On my 29er with 160mm rotors, I’ve never needed more than 1 finger on each brake.

One drawback is also their strength. The cooling fins on the pads keep the pads cool while riding, but when it’s extra cold outside, you will actually need to give the brakes time to warm up to get full braking power. Small price to pay if you ask me.

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