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Wiener Ride 2019

1893 Colombia Exposition – Chicago

The year 1893 was a big year for hot dog history. According to the National HotDog and Sausage Council (yes, that is a thing) this is when “dachshund sausages” – as they were called by Germans – were served to hordes of visitors at the Colombian Exposition in Chicago and they blew up. People loved them. They’re cheap, tasty and handheld. Nowadays, it’s down-right hard to avoid hot dogs during the summer months.

2019 is going to be another big year in hot dog history because BeersNGears is teaming up with Fiddlin Fish Brewery to host the first ever Weiner Ride!

We’ve got some of the nation’s BEST hot dog purveyors right here in our own town, Winston-Salem, just ask Rachel Ray. If that’s not cause for a celebration, I don’t know what is. Of course, BeersNGears style means bikes, followed by beer. If you’re feeling competitive, we’ll have some prizes up for grabs, and a guided “Tour-de-Dog” for those who prefer a chill, no-drop group ride. And even if you don’t eat hot dogs you can still ride along.

Fiddlin’ Fish – 772 Trade St NW

Here’s the plan:

Meet at Fiddlin Fish at 12:30 Saturday, April 20. We’ll provide the coordinates for the hot dog stops and instructions on how you can win prizes by visiting the most, eating the most dogs, and/or completing the challenge the fastest. The group ride and individual riders will depart at 1:00. Come back to Fiddlin Fish whenever you’re done and enjoy some more carbs with new friends.

Join is on the 2019 Wiener Ride and let’s make it an epic day for the Camel City and hot dogs’ history.

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