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We’re doing the MTB Trail Hokey Pokey!

Put your Rogue Hoe in!

Out of our efforts came FORBA (Forsyth Off Road Bicycle Association).

We have now completed our trail inventories of Hobby Park, Tanglewood, and Horizons Park and have identified some projects to work on. We have three work days planned, one at each trail and we would like you to join us!

Check out the facebook events to get more info:

Tanglewood Trail Workday – May 20

Hobby Park Trail Workday – June 3

Horizons Trail Workday – June 24

Put your credit card in!

One of the projects we’ve identified to take on is signage. We will be installing some extra signage at Tanglewood to help with navigation. If signs were free, we wouldn’t have an issue, but they’re not. So we are going to need to raise a few hundred dollars to order them.

Please consider donating something if you can. We have two options: become a FORBA member or donate a specific amount. Either way, your contribution is pivotal to us being successful.

Make a Donation  or  Become a Member

Now we’ve done the MTB Trail Hokey Pokey And told you what it’s all about Trail work days are coming up We hope to see you out!

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