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The Solution to the Mondays

If you work a M-F type of job, you’re probably acutely aware of the differences in Sundays versus Mondays. Most people seem to hold a special disdain for Mondays and for obvious reasons–alarm clocks that sound like a meltdown at Chernobyl, appointments, meetings, deadlines, reports, proposals, did you respond to that email? (Go ahead, I’ll wait.) It’s like the first seconds of a 5-day sprint just after the pistol is fired when the tension is the highest to see who will come out ahead, every week. With no relief . . . until now!

Got Bikes?

I’ve been riding for quite awhile and so far I’ve had a much easier time buying bikes than I have had letting them go, so I’ve ended up with a bit of a collection. Something that might have someone ask if I have a bicycle problem. But if I’m ever asked that, I like to correct them: I have a bicycle solution. If the ride has gravel in it, I’ve got a solution; if the ride is on singletrack, I’ve got a solution; if we need to carry camping gear, you guessed it, I’ve got a solution. If the ride is on Monday, literally any of them will work. Don’t believe me? Come and see.

Come out to Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing Company Monday evenings at 6:30pm starting June 4th where we’ll be hosting a no-drop ride around 10 miles.

Our goal is to explore around our city, have a beer with some friendly faces and shake off the bad ju-ju from “the Mondays”.  Everyone is welcome at this chill social ride.

Check out the Facebook event for updates and reminders. See you on Monday.

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