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Ride Like a Fish Turns One!

BeersNGears has been putting on bike events and drinking beer since 2014. We set up shop here in Winston-Salem to build culture and “move people by bicycle.” We love putting on the HalloWheels Bike Festival each fall, helping people learn how to work on bikes at our monthly Open Bike Night, launching organizations like FORBA & WS CAN, and putting on creative rides, never done before in this city. We’ve always wanted to do a weekly no-drop, social bike ride but it’s a big commitment to do something every week and we could never seem to line up the partners necessary to make it happen. That is, until we meet David Ashe of Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing Company.

David rides bikes and runs the brewery. He’s a super awesome guy! We met him through a friend and it was “love at first beer.” We instantly clicked.

It’s normal for a not-for-profit, like BeersNGears, to have to explain our ideas at length and practically beg for support but with Fiddlin’ Fish it was easy. David gets what we’re doing and is always 100% willing to help make it happen. And the brewery was a perfect spot for the ride…great beer, always has a food truck, and conveniently located downtown.

Plus after years of doing bike rides across town we had some great routes in mind and found a few folks to help with logistics like marketing and leading/sweeping during the ride. SHOUT OUT to Hillary Stevens and Richard Spangler!

So in June 2018, we kicked off the first “Ride Like a Fish” ride as a Cure to the Mondays. We’ve been riding ever since. Rain or shine. Five people or 25+ people. We did shortened routes a little during the winter but we still rode, maybe even a little faster in order to get back to the heat of the brewery. We’ve welcomed beginner riders and challenged the hardcore folks with weekly KOM (winner gets their tab paid for the night). This weekly, Monday night ride is no-drop ride so no one is left behind and everyone feels welcome.

It’s been awesome meeting people, exploring the city by bicycle, and of course, enjoying the latest beer after the ride. We’re super grateful for the partnership of Fiddlin Fish, those who have volunteered during the rides, and everyone who’s shown up to ride with us!

We’re celebrating one year in the books with a special Birthday Ride Like a Fish on Monday, June 24. We’ll meet at Fiddlin’ Fish at 6:00pm and roll out at 6:15pm, in the usual fashion but, we’ll be doing a brand new route with a few challenges (and prizes) mixed in. And no birthday party is complete with out CAKE, so there will be cake!

We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate good times and look ahead to more Riding like a Fish!

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