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Lance Armstrong is a Bitch!

Lance Armstrong was recently interviewed again by the BBC itself. I didn’t listen to the entire interview, but you can here.

So basically, he’s yelling “NO FAIR!” in reference to how people are treated differently on the same doping charges. Lance says, “If everyone gets the ‘death penalty’, then I’ll take the ‘death penalty’.” He then added, “If everyone gets a free pass, I’m happy to take a free pass. If everyone gets six months, then I’ll take my six months.”

This is the man that headed up “the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program the sport has ever seen”. The man that threatened peoples jobs and dreams to keep them quite. The man that was SO against doping that he came out of retirement to show us how to “win without doping”. I’m sure his former teammates were laughing pretty hard on the inside.

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