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HalloWheels Festival 2015

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Last year we flew by the seat of our pants. This year, it’s our second time, and trust me, that’s better than twice as good! I’m talking about the 2015 edition of HalloWheels, Winston-Salem’s only annual bicycle festival!

If you were brave enough to withstand the weather for HalloWheels 2014, you went to a BIke-In movie, a group ride with beer stops and ghost stories, a circle track race, a cookout, and an Alley Cat. I know! How could we possibly top last year, right? Well, we did!

Bike-In Movie – Oct. 29


Spooky Scavenger Hunt – Oct. 30

The group ride on Halloween night last year was a blast and we probably couldn’t top it so we decided to go with a Spooky Scavenger Hunt on the second night of the festival this year. Make sure you’re at Twin City Hive at 7PM in order to test your problem solving and navigation skills on this riddle based scavenger hunt that will take you straight to some of Winston-Salem’s creepiest historical sites. Costume participation borders on necessity. Learn more about the 2015 Spooky Scavenger Hunt…

HalloTweed – Oct. 31

tweed ride

Grab a friend, come have fun with us and help support a more cycling friendly city while you’re at it! And whatever you do, share! Share! Share! How will people know where the fun is if you don’t tell them?

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