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Discover Your City

You may remember our first ever Discover Your City ride where we hijacked the Community Bike Ride and planned a special trip to Twin City Hive. It’s been awhile since that happened so we’ve planned another one. There is no hijacking required for this edition of Discover Your City, just one strategic stop along our route.

BeersNGears Discover Your City Group Ride Small Batch Beer Co Winston-Salem NC

During this ride we will be making a pitstop at Small Batch Beer Co. where they brew beer one barrel at a time right here in downtown Winston-Salem. There we have arranged some delicious appetizers to sample and a tour of the brewing setup from the Brew Master. You can check out the equipment and get the low down on the operation while drinking your favorite beer. And if you’re nice, he might just answer some questions for you.

We’re meeting at the Marketplace Mall parking lot at the entrance of the Salem Creek Greenway. We will ride for about an hour at a no-drop, casual pace before stopping at Small Batch for 30-45 minutes and returning to Marketplace Mall after.

You may be asking: What makes it a “Discover Your City” and not just another local group ride? I’m so glad you asked — to be a Discover Your City ride the group must visit a business at some point during the ride. That business should be local and do or sell good stuff. Most importantly the ride should show people how they can ride their bikes to these places and enjoy all that our City has to offer.

Come ride along as we discover our city one awesome business at a time.

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