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Back in Beer City

We’re back in Beer City again, but this time it’s more for riding than drinking. Don’t misunderstand me, we’ve been drinking, but we’ve also been riding. Two days of it to be exact.

We rode in DuPont State Forest on the first day and Bent Creek on the second. My one piece of advice for everyone would be, BUY THE MAPS! Not kidding about this. Unless you’re with someone that knows where they’re going, you WILL NEED a map. We got our map from Liberty Bicycles.

My initial impression of these places was, they aren’t first timer friendly. We found some intermittent cool spots, but it wasn’t on purpose. It quickly became apparent that it would be difficult to put a cohesive loop together, especially after spending a lot of time just looking at a map.

My overall take from riding was, there was enough of the cool stuff to go back and do more exploring and more reporting. I don’t want to make it sound like I had a bad time. I did have moments of frustration (mostly with lack of well marked trails), but it was totally worth it. We got see some of the coolest waterfalls, and views that you can’t imagine. Crystal clear mountain lakes only accessible by trail, and some of the coolest trailscapes I’ve ever seen. I will be going back, and hopefully sooner than later.

The “trails” as they call them, range in length from .2 miles to 4.3 miles. They should really be called trail segments though. They range from hardpack singletrack to paved roads. They also included unmanicured gravel roads, and gravel dust bridal trails.

You can check out an in depth look at our rides in DuPont and Bent Creek to help out with your trip.

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