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2017 HalloWheels Bike Festival

HalloWheels 2017

This year’s HalloWheels–Winston-Salem’s first and only bicycle festival–is being presented to you by the number 4. Some of our favorite words consist of 4 letters; words like “ride”, “bike”, and “beer”. As in, this is the 4th year we’re doing this thing and it’s guaranteed to be at least 4 times better, according to satellites at NASA.

In some ways, we’ve kept a lot of the same things that make HalloWheels so much fun: it’s still 3 days of bicycle shenanigans, we’re keeping the Spooky Scavenger Hunt and Bike-In Movie, and it will definitely remind you of why you love riding your bike.

In other ways, we’re turning it on its head; trying new things. We decided to take the Tweed Ride off the menu, and instead, offer up Poloween–a Bicycle Polo party. We will also be unveiling a ride we’re calling Trick or Trail Ride.

So basically: it’s awesome, riding bikes is awesome, you’re awesome for riding, it would be awesome if you came to ride with us! Check out the event lineup below, and until then, keep the gears turning!

Thursday, October 26th – Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Explore the city by bike while taking photos, completing challenges, and solving puzzles. We’ve been doing this event since the very beginning and it has never let us down, always a lot of fun! More details

Friday, October 27th – Bike-In Movie

Another one of the classics! Ride from your house or work, or ride with us for a movie night out. Our ride will be around 15 miles round trip, and we’ll lead the group back after the movie is over. You will definitely want to follow the event on Facebook to stay up to date …

Saturday, October 28th – Poloween AND Trick or Trail Ride

We’ll be kicking the day off at the crack of noon with a grill and some good vibes, and then start the pickup Polo games. Never played Polo? That’s fine! Come hang out and watch, it’s spectator friendly. And if you feel yourself get overwhelmed with the desire to learn about Bicycle Polo, we’ll be offering some clinics to help get you up to speed. More info

After some good quality Polo time, we’ll migrate to Fiddlin’ Fish Brewing Company and gear up for our first ever Trick or Trail Ride. We’ll be leading 2 groups, a gravel group and a single track group for a creepy adventure at Salem Lake. At Fiddlin’ Fish, you’ll be able to enjoy food from a food truck, local beer, live music, a costume contest, and more. You’re not going to want to miss this one. More info

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