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10 Days of Cycling

Man, do we have a lot to talk about!

Since the last time I’ve posted, Oaks and Spokes has been happening. Oaks and Spokes is a 10 day bike festival in the great city of Raleigh, NC. It kicked off with a leisurely cruise to see some art gallery openings on First Friday and ended with a Kidical Mass. You can get a list of events from the Oaks and Spokes interwebs page. The main one I want to talk about is the Crank for a Cause.

The main feature was a 4 hour endurance race on trainers to raise money for Tour de Cure. Yes, this doesn’t make sense, and no, it doesn’t matter. It happened anyway. It was really slow to build steam, it seemed like the main hurdle was getting trainers for people. Less than a week before the event, there was still only 3 teams signed up to race. After promoting it through a couple of other events, the list jumped to 7. This is where we started seeing more willing participants than available trainers. Idea! What if we used this event to showcase some super sweet trainers?

That’s when I contacted the cycle-ops southeast rep. and explained our situation. She could not have been more awesome. She got us 10, brand-new, Jet Fluid Pro trainers and Climbing Blocks to use at the event for a killer deal.


The final count was 15 teams and a lot of money raised. We also enticed a local artist to paint a scene of the event. He even agreed to donate half of what he sells the painting for to Tour de Cure

So a big thank you to Laurie, Cycle-ops, Oak City Cycling, and J&B Importers for helping me make this happen. Could not have done it without you guys.

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