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2012 Trek Superfly 100 Elite SL Review


Trek Superfly 100 Elite SL Review

MSRP: $5569.99 Weight: Not Weighed Pros: Climbing, Going Fast Cons: Pricey

To me, it still feels a little weird calling this a Trek, when it was Gary Fisher’s last flagship bike before they were completely swallowed by the whale, Trek Bikes. Other than that, when riding this bike, only 2 words come to mind, “rocket ship”. This could be one of my favorite bikes of all time. Especially with the changes Trek has made to it.

Just to be clear, I’m not a Trek “fanboy”. I would actually prefer to buy bikes from smaller companies that may have less of a marketing budget and more of a love for riding. So for me to like changes that Trek made to one of my favorite bikes ever made is huge.

Trek decided slack off the headtube just a smidgen, and shorten the effective top tube to something more normal. That means this bike isn’t the low slung, long, purpose made race bike you’ve seen in the years past. It’s more for everyday riders, and I like that. It’s still fast and just as agile as it’s predecessor without forcing you into a ‘race’ position.

The 29er wheels help tremendously with small bump compliance which lessens the need for longer travel. A 26″ bike would need at least 120mm, maybe 130mm of travel to get the same effect. The smaller travel coupled with the 29er’s high moment of inertia (physics class, junior year of college) make this a climbing machine. Gone are the days that rear suspension costs you on the climbs. With a net gain of maybe .75 lbs in the frame, the newer geometry and added traction completely out weigh the “disadvantages” of full-squish.

My ride with the Trek Superfly 100 Elite SL

Silly me, I forgot to start the GPS back after stopping to talk to some people.

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