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2012 Trek Rumblefish Pro Review


Trek Rumblefish Pro Review

MSRP: $4299.99 Weight: Not Weighed Pros: Smooth Ride Cons: Climbing


This bike totally surprised me, which doesn’t happen often. Most of the time, I can tell you purely based on geometry and specs of the bike, whether or not I will like it. I completely expected to not like this bike. I thought it would be cumbersome, and handle poorly. I guess Trek showed me! It was quite a nice ride. It handled much better than I thought it would. It sat me a little high off the ground, which I got used to quickly, and it was a little sluggish on the climbs. So if your goal is to climb faster, might I suggest the Superfly 100. If your goal is to smooth out the rocky terrain where you live, this is the bike to do it. It was surprisingly nimble, and a really fun bike to ride.

Word to the wise: ditch those stock grips before you ever get it home from the store. I didn’t have gloves on that day, and I thought my hands were going to bleed from the atrocious grips that Trek stocks on there mountain bikes. They’re thin, rough, and sticky.

My ride with the Trek Rumblefish Pro

I accidentally forgot to start my gps until I was about a mile into the ride. Yippee!

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