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2012 Trek Remedy 9.8 Review


Trek Remedy 9.8 Review

MSRP: $5249.99 Weight: Not Weighed Pros: Rough Descents Cons: Pedaling Efficiency (or lack of)


This bike was a BLAST! to ride. It seemed like the faster I went, the more stable I felt. Bring on the rocks! I did a couple of big-ish drops on it, and it seemed like the bike couldn’t have been happier.

The problem with this bike is also it’s strength. At low speeds, it’s not an easy ride. It doesn’t like to make sharp turns, and it begs you to go faster. Wherein lies the problem, it takes SO MUCH energy to get it going faster that it begins to suck the fun out going faster. It was very difficult climbing on this bike, and forget standing up.

My guess is, in order for most people to maximize this bike, they would need a tow or a lift to the top. I couldn’t see that the descending qualities could out weigh the ascending burden in most trails for most people. I know there’s that guy, that doesn’t care how long it takes him to climb up, he’s just searching for that next bomb down. He should buy this.

My ride with the Trek Remedy 9.8

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