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2012 Trek Fuel EX 9 Review

Trek Fuel EX 9 Review

MSRP: $4199.99 Weight: Not Weighed Pros: Consistant, Great Handling Cons: 26″ (for me anyway)


What can you really say about the Fuel series? It’s been a staple at Trek for about as long as I can remember. It’s been through a lot of changes. From a full-suspension race thoroughbred to it’s present state of what I would call an “All-trail”. This may be one of the few bikes that will take you anywhere.

Plenty of travel to soak up heavy, rough trails. Not too much travel that makes it hard to climb. It’s slack enough geometry will help soak up drops and jumps without making it sloppy on easier trails.

My only issue is the 26″ wheels. If you haven’t ridden a 29er, stop reading, and go take care of that! I realize the Rumblefish was supposed to be their “all-trail” 29er, but it’s just too bulky and slugish on climbs to give it that title.

My ride with the Trek Fuel EX 9

Had a slight GPS malfunction on the last half of the loop.

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