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2008 Gary Fisher Ferrous 29

My Two Girls

This was one of the last and (in my opinion) greatest bikes Gary Fisher put his name on, and it’s my personal bike. It was very understated, maybe because it didn’t boast the G2 geometry, or maybe because of the lacking Avid BB7 brakes. Whatever the reason, it didn’t receive a lot of glory, and I can’t figure out why.

I guess it was a bit “confused” for a bike. It had some high-end features like OX Platinum steel tubing designed specifically for 29er’s, and a Reba Race dual air fork. These things would suggest a high-end bike. Then, they put SRAM X9 shifting components on it, which isn’t bad by any stretch but definitely lowered the appeal. I think they messed up when they put the BB7 brakes on it though, definitely a downgrade.

Since I purchased it, I swapped out the stock bontrager wheels (which weren’t tubeless compatible) for a set of Stan’s Arch EX’s. I ditched the BB7’s for a shiny set of XT brakes. Call me vain, but I like the look of matching Thomson stem and seat post, and on top of that seat post is the only kind of saddle I will ride, Specialized. I decided to go with a 1×10 drivetrain featuring a SRAM X0 short cage rear derailleur and an X9 shifter. I also installed my favorite tire set-up which includes a Specialized Captain front tire and a Specialized Fast-trak rear. She weighs in at a healthy 26 lbs.

Leave us a comment with the best upgrade you’ve made to your own bike.

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1 Comment

Jul 26, 2021

I know this is an old post but that just emphasizes how little love this bike gets. I bought a frame and built my own up in 2009 or 2010 and ran it singlespeed as my only mountain bike for years until I bought a Spot Honey Badger belt drive singlespeed which I think may be the best steel MTB ever, but even for years I was still torn between these bikes. Both are now set up to be either single or 1X11 even though I still rarely shift beyond one or two gears. I have upgraded and been riding the Ferrous much more this year and love it! It actually feels a lot like that Honey Badger, but that…

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