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Toys for Tots Toy Drive and Ride

I didn’t sleep on Christmas Eve when I was young. There was just too much excitement and anticipation. Did I get everything I asked for? Was I going to have to write Santa a nasty letter and demand he do better next year? The suspense was real. The memories of the presents I’ve gotten over the years has faded but I can remember the sheer hysteria like it was yesterday. And I’m hoping by helping Toys For Tots collect as many toys as possible, they can create that same magic for more kids who are a little less fortunate.

We will be meeting at 9:45AM in the back parking lot of Marketplace Mall on Peters Creek Pkwy at the western entrance to Salem Creek Greenway. We will roll out at 10AM on 10 mile loop with a stop at Toys and Co. in Thruway Shopping Centre included. Bring some money for toys, a rack or bag to carry your donations and a lock to secure your bike while shopping. The goal is to bring back toys to help make unwrapping a gift this season a reality to some less fortunate kids. The more pedals we have, the more toys we can bring back and that means more happy children around our community! Come make a difference with us this Saturday.

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