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Since launching our local engagement efforts in 2014, BeersNGears has held a variety of bike events; we organized a group ride to look at Christmas lights, we even helped our community with toy and food drives. We’ve also held Winston-Salem’s only multi-day bike festival that we call HalloWheels. Then there’s our recurring Open Bike Night where anyone can come and learn about bikes and how to fix and maintain them while drinking a beer and making friends. BeersNGears also participates in community events in order to stay engaged in our community and meet local cyclists, businesses and community leaders.

We have had the pleasure of working with several local businesses, non-profit organizations, and artists who helped provide support to the BeersNGears mission in a number of helpful ways. For example, Farm to Feet has been one of our partners for 2 years providing their locally made socks as giveaways at our events. Our Bike-in Movie was hosted by a/perture cinema in downtown Winston-Salem and they donated the proceeds from ticket sales to BeersNGears. We also worked with several local artists to develop our logo and original artwork for our bike events. We’re serious about discovering and supporting local businesses and artists and we are looking forward to leveraging these partners in the future.

Beginning in 2015, BeersNGears began actively participating in Winston Salem Bike Advocacy, through collaboration with other cycling advocates and municipal groups. For example, BeersNGears worked with city staff and other local partners to create an informative blog about a proposed Multi-Use Trail with resources for people to get involved. We also coordinated a group ride to City Hall for a Public Works Committee Meeting when the proposal would be discussed. With over 70 bike supporters, a new record attendance was set which showed the City Council members there is a strong desire to build a more bike-friendly city. In October, City Council unanimously approved the financing of the critical infrastructure needed for this Multi-Use path. We also made sure a recent ordinance amendment that requires new businesses to have bike parking passed legislation. We continue to be involved in various bike projects and initiatives, ensuring the cyclists' voices are heard and our city continues to move in a positive direction.

Where we’re going


We have big plans for the future. We’re going to keep putting on awesome bike events and add a few more experiences to our offering. We’re partnering with more and more awesome artists and businesses and we’ve got plans to expand our advocacy efforts.

Stay tuned for the latest updates. If you want to get involved in what we’re doing submit a form to get connected.

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