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BeersNGears is a social enterprise working to foster bicycle culture. 

We provide people with the tools and resources necessary to empower them to ride. From educating cyclists on basic bike maintenance and riding best practices, to working with local municipalities to introduce and enforce legislation, advocating for more bike infrastructure, and partnering with local businesses to promote bike-friendly features for customers and employees.


We also cultivate culture by putting on the best bicycle events Winston-Salem has ever seen, connecting business owners and local leaders with their communities, supporting innovators, artists, and other local talent and encouraging individuals to discover and engage within their community, all while living our passion — riding bikes. 

What’s beer got to do, got to do with it?


Beer breaks down an illusion, that to be an adult and ride bikes means that you need to wear spandex and train for some kind of race, or be in a perpetual fundraising mode to participate in cycling events. These kinds of misconceptions can keep people from exploring cycling as an adult. We’re here to help people discover that anyone can get on a bike and ride; even if it is just for dinner and drinks with friends! At the same time, you do not need to drink alcohol to take part in BeersNGears events. All are welcome!

About the Founder

Jake Easter learned his love for bikes when his Dad took him to the BMX track for the first time at the ripe old age of 13. It was love at first sight and this love for BMX grew into a love of dirt jumping and freestyle. He was lucky to have been around a lot of greats when learning to ride. From Dave Mirra to Ryan Nyquist and even the original Matt Hoffman. At some point he decided he needed to do something to be in better shape, to be better at freestyle and dirt jumping, of course. Enter Mountain Biking. Using mountain biking as a training tool led to racing and racing led to a need to ride road bikes. So he could ride his mountain bike further and faster; to be better at freestyle and dirt jumping, of course. Fast forward 12-or-so years and he doesn’t ride freestyle any more but still claims to ride road bikes so that he can ride mountain bikes further and faster as well as developed a love for the utility a bicycle can provide.

When he started working, it only made sense to work at a bike shop. He has done everything from taking out the trash to management. He did spend most of his time as a mechanic though. Jake’s Mom did always say he had a high mechanical aptitude--whatever that means. Today he leads a lot of group rides in town and gets out into the woods to ride MTB trails, and goes on multi-day bikepacking trips as often as possible. You may also see him driving the Sparky's Rickshaw in downtown. His passion for connecting people to bicycling and knack for coming up with unique events and meaningful collaborations has fueled BeersNGears work for almost a decade. And there seems to be no stopping him.

Make sure to follow us, like us, and all that jazz so you know when things happen!

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