beadless wheel set

Roval Trail Carbon beadless wheelset

Roval Control Carbon 29 Review

MSRP: $1200
Weight: 1780 grams
Pros: Ride Quality
Cons: Price
Cost per Gram: $0.64

To say the least, I was a little hesitant to jump on these wheels without doing some easy riding first. I really didn’t have enough time with them to be able to do that, though. So I went in head first. I ran them at 25 psi on the longest trail I could find and didn’t have a single issue with burping, and I’m not exactly a small guy. I really gave these wheels a beating and they never gave me one cause for concern. Gap jumps, drops, hard berms, rocks, creeks, ROCKS, not one issue.

The carbon rims provide an unmatched ride quality, but they are a bit heavy for the price. Would I buy a set for my stable? Probably not. Would it be a selling point on a new Specialized? Hell yea.

Weigh in with the Control Carbon Wheelset

Weighed in with rim strips, valves and QR skewers.
Weighed in with rim strips, valves and QR skewers.

My ride with the Roval Control Carbon 29 wheelset.

4 thoughts to “2013 Roval Control Carbon 29 Review

  • Ben

    They’re 1580 grames on Specialized Website.

    Are you sure about 1780 ? Or is Specialized wrong.

    • Jake

      100%. I weighed them myself. I took a picture, but I’m having trouble finding it. I’ll look some more tomorrow.

      • Arek

        If you’re right about the weight being 1780g, that’s alarming. That would be horrible considering Specialized advertise them at 1580g. That’s nearly half a pound difference! Mtbr did a test a month back or so and I remember francois weighing them in at 1600-1610g or thereabouts – can’t find the article now. I would call that amount an acceptable margin of error or manufacturing tolerance.
        I really hope you remembered the weight wrong, or your scale was waaay off, or something, as I’m seriously considering them… If you could post a pic on the scale, that would be great. Thanks!

        • Jake

          I’ve updated the post to show the picture of the weigh-in. I was just as surprised as you. It’s not hard to get different results though. I’m sure specialized weighed them with no rim strips, or valves. They probably set both of them up as thru-axle for the weigh-in as well. That would greatly reduce the weight.


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