So, what does it take to be a 5 Pint Century Finisher? Well, not much more than the will to make it happen. Because that’s all, if not more than any of the original 3 had to give. They did it on a complete whim to the tune of talking about a ride Jake had dreamed up doing while hanging out having beers on a Wednesday to a phone call two days later saying, “Hey, you still thinkin’ about doing this ride tomorrow?”

This was all happening in March and the most training any of them had done over the Winter was for the beer stops. Needless to say, they weren’t “in shape.” But they made it, and that’s why it’s now called the 5 Pint Century Challenge and it should be commemorated for all of digital eternity on a page out in the interwebs, and this is it! Come with us on one of the annual rides or put together your own and tell us about it and you’ll be added to our sort-of “Hall of Fame” for the finishers.

The Original 3 – March 2014

The Original 3 consisted of Jake and his two friends, Matt and Kris. It was off the cuff, more or less unplanned, unsupported, and probably a bad idea looking back, but the memories made and the friends met were totally worth it.